60 Vette

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 1982 Corvette Stingray
White Tee Tops with original mirroring
350 LT1 engine from a 93 Vette.
Engine has been built for high performance.
(8,000 miles on Engine/Trans)
400+ hp, it will not disappoint at the Red Light.
Every red light you pull up to someone asks: what kind of engine do you have in that vette¯
The cams purr along with the high performance Glass Packs and covered side pipes.
Nothing like the sound of the V8 and Hi Output Cams and exhaust system. 
High performance Hot Cams
High performance high flow Headers
High performance chrome plated alternator (double the normal output)
Electric Fans for radiator
High Performance 500 hp, 5 speed manual transmission, high performance clutch and
Pressure Plate. 
Red Leather interior
New Sound System with CD player.
Craiger Style chrome mag rims
New high performance fuel pump.
New Steering Wheel.

 $30,000 tied up in the car. 

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