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RAY'S 1974 (Big Block) CORVETTE:
Up for sale is my 1974, 454ci, 4-speed, T-top Coupe Corvette.  A professional body on restoration was completed in 1997 and written up in an article that appeared in the March '99 issue of Vette Magazine (3 copies of the magazine come with the car).  I'm the third owner after the restoration and became good friends with the person who restored it. Upon request, he's available to answer any questions you may have about the car during his ownership.  I also have current pictures of cars inside his garage that I've attached, depicting just a few of the other restorations to his credit. My car has some rare and unique options (all of which are listed below) and is equipped with its original "birthing" drivetrain (not limited to), engine, transmission, driveshaft, and rear end.  Additionally, all codes and numbers on this car match, right down to the original alternator casing which was retained after the core was rebuilt. Specific details pertaining to the car's Operations, Interior, Exterior, Mechanical, and Chassis, can all be verified and reviewed in the NCRS judging sheets that can be viewed in the photos.  These judging sheets are the equivalent of an "automobile autopsy" that was conducted on April 20, 2008 when it was Flight Judged at an NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society) Chapter Meet in Wallingford, CT (tabulated and verified by Master NCRS Judge, Drew Papsun).  Every single part that was on the vehicle that day still remains on the car, along with the addition of the properly dated/option coded/professionally refurbished, Quadrajet Carburetor. The car has earned and boasts an NCRS Top Flight Award (Certificate & ribbon transfer with the car), having achieved a total of 4,384 points out of a possible 4,510, this 97.4% net score result (98% with the addition of the .6 driving points earned) provides a true reflection as to the car's Originality and Condition. With the addition of the carburetor, another 28 points would have been earned, achieving then 4,412 points (a mere loss of only 98 total points).  If you're not familiar with NCRS Flight Judging and their award levels, here's a brief summary of that process: After about 8-10 man-hours of intensive judging, a Top Flight Award is given to a car that has achieved at least 94% apparent correctness (appearance of originality and condition) relative to the judging standard, which is how the car appeared and functioned when it was delivered to the Chevrolet dealership from the General Motors factory. The entire car starts with 4510 points, and up to 270 points can be lost to deductions and qualify for the Top Flight award. Subsequent award levels include 2nd Flight (85% or up to 676 point loss) and 3rd Flight (75% or up to 1,127 point loss).  The Judging Sheets are a reflection of the vehicle as seen and judged on that particular day at their sanctioned event.
When you look at the Flight Judging results this car achieved, you'll see that it lost only 126 points out of a total of 4,510€!  And as noted above, had the correct carburetor been on the car at the time it was judged, the point loss would have been reduced to a mere 98.  The only other areas where significant point loss was noted were in the areas of, Battery (-15), Tires (-18), and Exhaust (-14). The originality in these three areas of the car were substituted for functionality and drivability.
All of the photos I have available to view, provide not only a detailed history on the restoration, but also display various vehicle documents that compliment the entire "turn key package" that's being sold here and enhance the originality components of this 1974 Corvette.  Some of what is available in pictures to share and included with the car are: 
Before and after pictures during the restoration.
All invoices from the restoration and during my 16 year ownership.
All glovebox documents that were delivered to the new owner of a 1974 Corvette when shipped from the factory (not original to the vehicle).
All 12 issues of the 1974 Corvette News provided complimentary to all new Corvette owners.
A replica window sticker depicting the original options and the original sticker price of  $7,555.50.
Original build sheet that was discovered on the top of the gas tank during the restoration with a notarized verification that authenticates it as the original.
Three copies of the March '99 Vette Magazine where the article about the car's restoration appeared.
Several copies (Original & Reproductions) of the 1974 Corvette sales brochure.
Pictures of other vehicles restored by the person who completed the body on restoration (VW Beetle, '57 T-Bird, '32 Roadster, '57 Ford, '54 Chevy).
Also included with the sale are:
Original Date Coded T-top bags
Reproduction T-top bags for day to day use
T-top storage & carrying bag
Protect-A-Top Interior protection unit (for use when parked without T-tops)
Full Car Cover
DETAILS:  1974 Coupe - LS4 (454 - last year of the BIG BLOCK and Dual Exhaust)
Odometer at restoration - 55,000+/-
Current reading - 67,475+/- (12,500+/- by me)
LS4 - 454 ci.
A31 - Power Windows
C50 - Rear Window Defrost
C60 - Air Conditioning
FE7 - Gymkhana Suspension (only 1,905 produced)
J50 - Power Brakes
M20 - 4 speed close ratio trans.
AW coded rear (rare) - 3:08 ratio
Manual Steering (rare for this year, approx. 2% of total production)
Trim tag: F11 Build
Trim: 404 (Black Leather)
Paint - 914 (Silver Mist)
Engine pad: T1218CWM14S4T4035
BLOCK:  3999289
Aluminized exhaust system with Magna-Flo mufflers
9:1 Hypereutectic Pistons
Crane Cam (218 intake, 228 lift, .500)
Estimated 400hp+/-
Electronic Ignition (spare original points included)
Sickens Paint (visible bonding strips)
Assorted spare parts (distributor cap, points, etc.)
The car was recently transported out of its climate controlled storage environment in CT to the Gettysburg, PA area, just for the purpose of showing it while For Sale.  During my entire ownership, the car has always been driven, keeping it properly exercised.  It's always been garaged and during the winter it was kept in an enclosed air flowing car capsule. I would consider the condition of this vehicle to be rated at #1.5 and the mechanically operating condition at #1.
If you're looking for a quality BIG BLOCK, vintage Corvette, that has a well documented history, quality restoration, and offers a combination of excellent show quality and superb driveability, AND...with paperwork galore, then I'll be more than happy to respond to any SERIOUS inquiries.

 I may be contacted at; raymondawells@gmail.com or (203) 240-4334 cell. 

Price: $39,500 o.b.o.

Thank you for your interest, Ray



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