60 Vette

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Spectacular Silver '84 with TONS of extras! The factory ZR-1 wheels (packing 315/35/17s in the back & 275/40/17s on the front) and rich rumble of the Borla exhaust system offer an amazing touch to this historic beauty.

The inside offers graphite leather and charcoal carpet, along with many updates. Don\'t worry, all of the original parts will come with the car, aside from the wheels. The short-shift 4+3 manual shifter features the integrated overdrive button. The passenger \"bump\" was removed to offer more room and finishes off the \'86 interior \"look\".

An additional glass top and a bikini top to throw on when you need to park it with the top off are also included. For performance, Monroe Formula GP shocks and a computer prom update were also added.

With 63,208 original miles, this is one of the more beautiful and performing 84's you will find.


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