60 Vette

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 When I bought this car it had not been registered or driven since 1995. The front and rear bumpers had started cracking and falling off. And the paint was sand blasted (Arizona Problems) The car was an 100% original barn find (technically under a house in Parker) The front and rear bumpers are Eckler's aftermarket, the HVAC has been retrofitted to R-134A. Brand new tires. The interior carpet is faded, but original, as well as the interior seats and door panels. I thought about putting an aftermarket interior kit in it, but the originality meant more to me than the looks. The lady I bought it from said that her husband had bought it new for her. I had the car painted locally, by a reputable Paint Shop. Minor mechanical work was done. Rebuilt the Carburetor, removed/cleaned the fuel tank and lines, and the Air Conditioning (blows cold, for a C-3 corvette). We put new door hinges on it and rubber seals when we had it painted.

1. If it is still listed......it is still available, if you ask "still available" I wont respond, so you would be wasting your time.
2. There is a little wiggle room on the price, but don't low ball me, I wont even respond, so you would be wasting your time.
3. I do not need help selling it.
4. No cashier's checks sent to me for a guy out of the country, or whatever new scam is going around this week

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