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RARE TRIPLE WHITE 1973 Corvette convertible
White paint, white top, white interior. Painted 5 years ago; new top 4 years ago; new leather seat covers 3 years ago; The expensive but GREAT-LOOKING  real McCoy shiny new Chevrolet side exhaust pipes & covers 3 years ago; Rebuilt transmission 3 years ago, and soooo much more has been replaced on this car it would take too long of a list to document it all. I have 2 folders each 3” thick with receipts. Only the best went into this car. This car looks and sounds GREAT! It is period correct (except for the side pipes which technically were only available on the 1969 Corvette). Otherwise it looks just like it did when it came off the showroom floor, down to things as small as various decals on the car (like the decal on the fan shroud <coolant poisonous>;  left side of the firewall <engine and tune specifications>; tire pressure decal on the left door jamb; spare tire decal on the rear storage box, etc.  No detail was too much or too time-consuming to provide for this car. Another example is that it has the original type of A/C system, including not only the V.I.R. (Valve In Receiver) from back then, but it is also charged with the period-correct R12 freon (now all cars have R134).  The car has it’s original 350 c.i. engine, and originally came with an automatic transmission, factory A/C, PS, PB, AM/FM stereo, tilt & telescopic steering wheel, rally wheels, leather interior, deluxe door trim panels.
While there have been a lot of restorations on this car, the overwhelming majority of it was put back to the way these cars looked when they came out of the factory back in 1973. The production date on this one was January 1973.
I did make some enhancements to it for drivability purposes, like the original automatic transmission was a Turbo 350 (3-speed automatic). But I replaced that with a later version GM transmission that looks exactly like the Turbo 350 (same outer aluminum case), but this one is called a “200R4”, and is a GM 4-speed automatic. What this did was greatly lower the RPM’s at highway speeds, so the fuel mileage is much better, the noise levels at those speeds have been decreased, and it saves on engine life. So instead of the engine taching at about 3,000 at 55 mph, now the tach shows about 2,500 RPM’s at that same speed. So just by looking at it, no one else would ever know the transmission is anything but the original – the shifter and everything else is all the same.
The engine is the original one (numbers matching stamped on the pad as normal from Chevrolet), however I installed a GREAT-sounding camshaft. With this cam, combined with the side exhaust, this car sounds like a beast! (I made a video of this and put it on YouTube, in the video I’m walking around the car with it running, go to this link and listen how great it sounds…
If that link doesn’t work, simply go to YouTube and do a search for 1973 Corvette sweet thunder side exhaust.
I also installed an electric fuel pump, which helps with the lower-quality fuel sold these days. It keeps constant pressure of fuel to the carburetor, so there are fewer driving issues. If you want to know more, call anytime. I also have more pix to share. Call Bruce at 615-968-1474. Serious inquiries only please… $29,500 or offer. No trades, cash only deal. 

Email brucecapers@netzero.net


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