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For Sale Early 1968 Corvette Roadster (Hard and Soft Top) 350hp 327in, 4 speed manual, power windows, very correct, numbers match.  49,449 original miles.  $27,500 O.B.O.

The car was bought by my father in the summer of 1978 from a hi-way patrolman in San Diego, CA.  The color when purchased was orange.  The previous owner had the engine rebuilt by San Diego machine shop and he had them install a new old stock 350hp Chevrolet Corvette camshaft. 

1973-1983 The car was a daily driver for my father.  The car was moved to Albuquerque, NM in 1981 with a move for work.

1983-1987 Restoration
            New Old Stock was still available and the following were replaced
            -all new emblems
            -exterior chrome
            -F/R bumpers
            -License plate cover
            -window felt
            -stainless steel F/R window moldings
            -LOF glass windshield

            The following were sourced from Ecklers as NOS was not available in 1983
            -New carpets
            -Seat covers
            -Door panels
            -Inside door handles

            The dash pad was restored by an upholster

            Used, in like new condition, rag top was installed.  ( The car was originally sold            with only a hard top).

            Repair of the fiber optic lamp indicators.
            Paint- The car was found to have three additional paint layers on top of the original dark green.  The paint was chemically stripped and repainted with original type lacquer. However, my father had the car painted alpine white as he did not care for the dark green.  The car is an original color, but not the original color.  The condition of the current paint is very good with the common longitudinal stress cracks on the fenders and few chips.  We will include a small amount of the paint for repairs.  By choosing the original type lacquer instead of a modern urethane the paint is more prone to chips and blemishes.

I purchased the car from my father.  The engine was pulled and sent to a machine shop here in Albuquerque to add case hardened valve seats and the engine was precision balanced as well.  The carburetor was replaced with a correct Quadrajet. One of the previous owners had installed a non-correct carburetor.

1999- 2016
The car has been driven ~1000 miles as a very occasional weekend driver.  The only maintenance required was a loose ground that was repaired.  The car is in excellent mechanical shape and the restoration is in excellent condition.  Overall the car is in superb condition as it has been a desert garaged car for the majority of it’s existence, corrosion is virtually non existent.

Items that are not correct/original-
Paint- The color is polar white, original is dark green.  The trim around the radio was by a previous owner to accommodate a din radio.  The radiator was changed from AL to Copper by a previous owner.  However, the original AL overflow tank is still installed.  Tires.  F70 15 red sidewall tires were not available when the car was restored.  In addition a previous owner slightly trimmed to accommodate the wider tires.  The car was sold originally in CA with a smog pump.  The smog pump was removed and the manifolds were plugged.  The camshaft is a original NOS 350hp Chevrolet Corvette camshaft replaced by the previous owner.  The car was sold new as 300hp. 

Included is a bin of parts including the original brake calipers, luggage rack, trim, etc.

Car Cover
A custom car cover is included

Although the tires are not correct they are in new condition

Seat covers.  There are lamb skin covers over the restored seats.  The covers underneath have never been sat on.

This car would make an excellent project to make it a true #1 condition car.  Having chrome, trim, etc. in factory condition.  I would be really pleased if it was purchased by someone who is planning to finish what little restoration is required.  However, the car is in excellent shape as is and I am sure the car will bring many happy days.  I have tried to include as much detail as possible.  Please reach out to me if I can answer any additional questions.  The car is offered as O.B.O.  It is time for her to find a new home.  I am simply too busy to enjoy her.  Thanks for looking!  The current pictures are from a couple years ago. There is no change to the condition of the car, driven about 200 miles since.  I will try to get new pics up asap.  I can text photos if requested.

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