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The vin # 194677S104428 denotes this vehicle was built in nov.1966,early in the 1967 corvette production year. The owner states the mileage reading of 55,000 is correct.This 1967 corvette convertable is rally red in color and the paint is considered good from afar,however up close it is showing signs of deterioration.The interior is black vinyl and is classified in good condition.The carpet has been replaced and can be termed new.The body panels of this vette show no signs of damage and have not been modified.However the hood has been replaced  with one that is used on corvettes with high performance motors;the original hood remains with this vehicle.The chrome bumpers are in average street driven condition.The original wheels have been replaced with aftermarket wheels that really dont detract from the overall appearance of the corvette.The 1967 corvette is powered by a 327-350 motor that is coupled with a four-speed manual transmission.The original valve covers have been replaced with aftermarket valve covers.The four-speed shifter is original.Options on this corvette are minimal but does include the removable hardtop.Returning this corvette to its original condition would take just a little effort by"bolting on"the original parts that are readily available.We place a value of $45,000 on this rally red corvette convertable.Bob Kroupa is a publisher and editor of VETTE-N VESTMENTS,the monthly corvette market newsletter.He also contributes corvette pricing articles to OLD CARS WEEKLY and to CORVETTE FEVER as the 'ON THE BLOCK' column writer. Bob has been involved in the corvette hobby for over 25 years and has owned over 65 corvettes,representing most years and body styles.Appraisal report prepared by:Vettefinders.com.............owner says now about 5 to 7 years later needs points put in correctly..have them in already just not finished....brakes bled...gas..and pulled out of shed due to sitting and wheels stuck to get going again....they will break loose also when put in reverse gear and  release the clutch....and needs small crack in windshield repaired or replaced and possible another paint job...and chrome accessaries on motor....but again dont look bad just a few noticeable spots...and he would replace the rims also...although can be spruced up to look pretty good !...
I LOVETTE and hate to get rid of !..but if price is right i MIGHT !

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